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Your technical communication, at the heart of our know-how

Since 1990, we have striven to maximise the consistency of your documents and pulled out all the stops to provide you with day-to-day support in document management, both internally and externally.

So you can trust our experts to take care of your needs and carry on with your job in complete peace of mind.

Because we are constantly developing in order to serve you better, you enjoy the latest innovations and comprehensive follow-up in terms of technical communication.

Work methodology

A single point of contact for the production and comprehensive management of your technical documentation:

  • Information gathering: our writers go to speak directly with the operatives.
  • Writing: our engineers have free rein in document design and drafting, from the first to the last page.
  • Page layout: clear, structured and efficient, for easy readability.
  • Translation: comprehensive service management.
  • Updates: management of documentation adaptations and modifications.
  • Distribution: follow-up in terms of publication and distribution of your technical communication.

Based on our long experience, we can guarantee
smooth work process management, thanks to:

  • Structured organisation of the basic files.
  • Standardised working procedures.
  • Information community management.
  • Ensuring consistency of documentation (product ranges and types).
  • Unified information processing methods (localisation and formats).
  • Complete traceability of all exchanges (e-mail, FTP, USB, phone, etc.) and tracking in terms of formalisation of interactions (inspection reports, decision-making reports).
  • Systematic plausibility checking of the data received.
  • Cross-referencing of information received.
  • Quality control, especially through cross-proofreading of all documents by a second writer.


What do all our writers have in common?

They are all engineers and able to understand your documentation in the blink of an eye.

No more time worries!

The analytical skills and benefit of the experience acquired by RédaTech SA are demonstrated by its rapid assimilation of raw information and its critical eye over your data.

We work in a wide range of technical fields, and speak the same language as your Design & Engineering, R&D and After-Sales engineers.

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