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Mise en Plans, DAO light

Plan drafting, CAD and animation

Need resources to cope with a temporary overload on your design & engineering department?

Our designers are at your disposal for one-off jobs and miscellaneous tasks:

  • Plan drafting.
  • Minor component or sub-assembly designs.
  • Explanatory exploded views.

Whether using Autodesk Inventor® or SolidWorks Composer, our team can assist your development on a regular or one-off basis. So it is helpful to have temporary support while preserving the knowledge acquired about your products.


Quality Assurance

Auditing, set-up and follow-up

Committing to a quality approach enables you to improve your business and process performances in the long term. It is a strategic tool designed to achieve the objectives (internal and/or external) set by the management.

Our specialists support you in your quality approach:

  1. Precise identification of your actual requirements.
  2. Initial diagnostic.
  3. Customised project proposed, taking into account your constraints and objectives.
  4. Step-by-step support throughout your project.

This approach must be conducted by a specialist. It requires substantial implementation work, but the follow-up is much easier. So it makes sense to opt for subcontracting rather than commit internal resources.