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Mise en Plans, DAO light

Document creation and management

Content management system and structured documentation

We no longer just write your technical documentation, but we create real documentary projects using information content management tools.

We set up intelligent, structured and identified content so as to compose dedicated documentation according to the types of products, their variants, their options and the languages in which they will be distributed.

By taking into account the information communities, the taxonomy and the specificities of all your products, we ensure the creation of documents adapted to your products to offer your customers / users a unique experience to access the correct information, at the right place and in the right context.



Video tutorials and animation

To facilitate the understanding of a process or principle, nothing like an animation or a video tutorial.

Our designer team develops all forms of visual aids to ensure a quick and efficient understanding of any technical operation.


Partnership with Quanos – Schema ST4

As a technical documentation specialist, it was clear that our agency needed to procure the best tools, to enhance the efficiency our client services. For several years, we have used Schema ST4 to create and manage an increasingly large proportion of our clients’ documentation.

In early 2021, RédaTech became a partner of Quanos (the publisher of Schema ST4), so as to offer all relevant services relating to Schema ST4, and also became the official dealer for this solution in the Romandy region of Switzerland.

We provide advice and support for all your tasks in the fields of writing, translating and distributing smart technical information.